“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Project Director for National Training and Technical Assistance

Justine Murray, M.A., has been a project director for National Training and Technical Assistance contracts for the past 18 years. She has directed several projects working with all aspects of CNCS programming. She is an experienced Technical assistance provider as well as an organizational development consultant. She has over 25 years of experience in program development, management, and training, including experience in Peace Corps operations, overseeing work from the United States, and in-country overseas. She has an excellent track record in coordinating large, complex, Projects, training multicultural staff to perform as a team, and facilitating change efforts.
In her role as a project director for training and technical assistance projects for CNCS, she has developed excellent working relationships with Corporation Headquarters, stat office commission, and national program staff, and has worked with staff from every stream of National Service. She was Project for Project TASC, working with State Commissions and AmeriCorps National Programs; she managed the support for the National Service Leadership Institute for 3 years Directed Projects TAHS?TADS which provided technical assistance in Homeland Security to national service grantees and sub-grantees, and most recently serves as director of our Special Initiatives Project which focuses on Performance measurement across all programs, Disaster, and eGrants training. She also has extensive experience in planning and delivering effective meetings and conferences, and has worked to develop systems to support National Service meetings throughout the United States.

Christina Bara works with large and small businesses, with project management and coaching. She has a proven track record of taking projects from initial concept to full implementation on budget and on time in a variety of industries including aviation, IT, and financial services.

Christina utilizes an integrated coaching model designed to address not only the client’s presenting issue but to also consider tangent areas which enhances the long -term effect of coaching.

She is intuitive and able to effectively communicate with individuals and teams across industries and at all levels.


Project Manager and Coach

Emergency Mental Health Specialist for the IOWA Department of Human Services
aren Hyatt is the Emergency Mental Health Specialist for the IOWA Department of Human Services within the Division of Mental Health and Disability Services. She serves as the appointed Disaster Behavior Health Coordinator for the State Mental Health Authority. She successfully designed, wrote, and was awarded over $19 million in FEMA and other federal grants to provide programming at multiple sites throughout the state and was directly responsible for the implementation, training, monitoring, and financial management of the funded programs.
Karen is a licensed social worker with over ten years of experience in the field of Home Health Care and spent an additional ten years working in counseling, crisis management, and disaster behavioral health. After Hurricane Katrina, Karen worked for a national organization and was assigned in New Orleans to assist a counseling and crisis agency rebuild and pass accreditation standards. She has been deployed on numerous national disasters, served on national boards, and has assisted in creating the national 2-1-1 Disaster Response Team and Iowa’s Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team.



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