I got my American Airlines mileage statement in the mail last week.  When opening it, I noticed on the back of the envelope the logo ad for “Miles for Kids in Need” with an url.

So I went to their website but a link to the program was not immediately apparent even though I looked several places.  Turns out I needed to go to the “AAdvantage” button, click “Partners and Mileage Programs,” then “Charities” and THEN it was one of six listed.  Guess I did not dig deep enough at first.  While I realize the http://aa.com home page is prime real estate, it would be nice if one of the many little banners posted on that page were about one of their nonprofit partner programs – perhaps a two month rotation since there are six of them.  That would give it a little more visibility. 

However, I do like that they put the logo on the back of the envelope that the statement was mailed out in as it was very obvious there.  And one of the four paragraphs on the statement itself was also about the program. “Last year, AAdvantage members donated more than 30 million miles to the Miles for Kids in Need program, providing transportation for more than 500 kids with special medical needs or wishes.  Please help us replenish these miles if you can.  You can find out more or make a donation at www.aa,com/kids.”


Do you send out statements to your customers?  Ever think about putting a few sentences there about YOUR company’s efforts in the community?  After all, especially in these economic times, people and other businesses want to support companies that are “doing good.”  If you don’t share that information, you are missing an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your customers. 

So…nicely done, American Airlines.

When I typed in the http://aa.com/kids url directly I did go immediately to the page which stated the following:

“The Miles for Kids in Need program provides worldwide support for children and their families, as well as for organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with needs for medical, educational, social services issues and/or for those that heighten public awareness of children’s issues.

Since 1989, AAdvantage members have donated miles to help kids in need. Last year alone, members generously donated over 30 million of their unused AAdvantage miles to help provide transportation to over 500 kids through this program. If you can help us replenish some of these miles, we (and the kids) will really appreciate it. Please check your mileage balance and consider making a donation* today.

*Your donation is not tax deductible.”