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Are You Doing Good AND Doing Well?

Create business value and community impact through your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community Engagement:

  • Use Your Company’s Values, Core Competencies, and Resources to Support a Worthy Cause
  • Build Company Reputation and Visibility
  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty and Increase Sales
  • Improve Employee Engagement, Productivity and Commitment
  • Attract Investment Dollars

We show you how to leverage your corporate social responsibility and community investments to not only make a difference in your community but also create business value and increase your ROI!!

Corporate philanthropy was once defined by the checks a company wrote to charities. But money, while critical, is only one of many assets a company can bring to bear – and often times, it is far less powerful than the skills and capabilities that companies can draw from their business operations and apply to solving big social challenges.
— Peter Scher, Head of Corporate Responsibility, JPMorgan Chase


CSR Audit

We review your company’s current and past giving – focus areas, goals, resources, level of involvement, etc. – to assess tangible and intangible impacts for both your company and the community and identify areas for continuous improvement.

Community Engagement Strategy and Program Development

We help you formalize and/or update your company’s community investment vision, mission and goals, inventory unique company strengths and available resources, and identify community investment program focus areas and ways to maximize employee participation.

Nonprofit Matchmaking

We identify and research potential nonprofit partner organizations to fit your goals, assess goodness of fit, facilitate selection process, develop the relationship, and design joint community programming.

Impact Measurement

We help you develop practical performance measurement tools to quantify the social and business value of your company’s community engagement programs so you can make the case for and improve your social and business ROI.